Personal Education/History

Jake Blosser has taken the lead on operating the computer controlled CNC router and Eli Blosser has done more finishing work in the sign department. Jake’s engineering degree helped him learn about vectors and made learning and mastering a CNC machine possible. Eli has his business degree with a marketing focus trying to achieve the best looking sign from a marketing perspective. Making sure the sign is always sanded and painted to perfection allowing for the ultimate positive statement when viewed.

Jake earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba in 2004.
Eli earned his Bachelor of Arts at St. Cloud State University in 1998 and his  Bachelor of Commerce from the Asper School of Business at  the University of Manitoba in 2001.

Wood with Whimsey

Wood with Whimsey is Blosser family wood carving business. Brock and Karen Blosser have been carving and painting “Whimseys” or wood spirits for almost 40 years in the Kenora area.
These Carvings are traditionally called "Wurzelkoepfe" (rootheads) or "Berggeister"  (mountain spirits) and are 100% hand carved locally by Brock Blosser.   Brock learned his carving in Austria where pre-Christian  "Wurzelkoefe"  were originally used to ward off evil spirits.  People who lived in remote,  unprotected alpine regions needed very grotesque and frightening-looking  carvings.  People who lived within city walls needed only pleasant,  less fierce "Wurzelkoepfe". or “Whimseys”