Our company has installed the majority of the signs that we have manufactured. We have also worked with Sioux Narrows Enterprises in the past to help with welding, fabrication and installation. In addition we have employed several other contractors who own/operate larger equipment like backhoes and the crane truck when necessary. Of course, customers are welcome to arrange their own method of installation.


Signs can be maintained with very little effort or time but cleaning consistently is important. Dirt builds up quickly on signs so it is important to clean them regularly. We use the highest quality marine varnish with 10x the UV protection (Bristol marine varnish) and also deepest penetrating wood sealer (S1 wood sealer) but over long periods of time maintenance may be required. We offer a maintenance package for customers when you purchase your sign if you feel you will be unable to clean the sign.


Timber Signs can help you design the layout of your sign and we can also work with you to design or redesign your company logo. We can take these custom designs and transform them directly into wood.


If your business/municipality is making big changes or embarking on a complete makeover? We have experience in raising the profile and image of our clients with a marketing focus. We can come and do an on-site visit, find out what your needs are and make your vision  a reality. The changes required to improve a business/community are almost always overwhelming, let us work with you to provide a custom package to fit your needs  and  improve your visual presence. Get great marketing bang for your buck with quality signage and also take advantage of  package discounts we have available.