These unique 3 dimensional sculptures are solid wood, carved and polished to perfection. Our  carved sculptures are hand finished with great detail and will enhance the feel and presence of any space.  Jake Blosser has been carving the beautiful and large driftwood that wash up on the shores of Vancouver Island. Eli Blosser is currently carving driftwood from Lake of the Woods and pine logs from the surrounding area.  We are also looking forward to beginning work on stone carvings/sculptures in 2011. 


Our family has carved wood spirits called Whimseys or “Wurzlekofe” for almost 40 years . We continue the tradition of  carving  faces in dead fall and driftwood we collect.  These faces add character and life to any room, yard or garden . We carve the root of the tree branch which retains its resin years after the rest of the tree rots. We also carve larger pieces in burls, scarred trees and stumps. These whimsical characters bring the wood to life and are great gifts. They can be purchased in Kenora at Abundance Crafts, The Blue Herron Gift Store and down storm bay road at Smith Camps. A nice selection of carvings are always available in Sioux Narrows during  the summer months at The Narrows Gift Store. Also Sunset Gallery often has a larger piece in its display area.

Relief  Carvings/Murals

Relief carvings are very much like a carved painting. They appear three dimensional but are not that thick and can be hung on a wall. We use the computer precision  of the CNC router to give us perfect layout and proportion  and finish the carvings with chisels and sanders to add texture and shape. Entire wall relief carvings (similar to a mural) can tell a story and add an incredible attraction to any building and/or community.  In a house they are a major focal point  and create a captivating visual experience.


Duckboards are underwater tow boards. Pioneered by an unknown person(s) perhaps centuries ago our duck-boarding was championed by the McEwen family on Lake of the Woods. Jamie McEwen and his brother Tam used to tow slowly behind the boat with a piece of wood over thirty years ago. Our families  grew up together on Whitefish Bay of Lake of the Woods duck-boarding, diving acrobatically and looking at underwater life. The tow board acts very much like a deep-water  fishing bait with a plastic spoon on the front, when pointed down you shoot downwards and when your breath runs out you point it up and you pop to the surface. It gives the sensation of flying and is enjoyed by all age groups because it is a low impact, slow speed but high reward experience. 
WARNING  Duckboards are meant to be used in bodies of water where visibility and water quality is excellent.  Diving to deep without equalization can cause ear damage.

Game Boards

We have completed an oversized crib board  and plan to begin production on checker/chess boards and we will design poker tables in the near future. Photos coming soon.


Timber Signs can cut out individual letters and logos for use on store front facades and mall fronts. We use the CNC to help layout the installation and make sure everything is spaced correctly. 

Custom Carved Guitars

Timber Signs has recently completed a guitar project where we carved a design into the body and cut the body out of a piece of pine. We can custom design any shape or carve scenes into the guitar. Why wouldn’t you customize your favorite instrument that you play?

Inventory for sale

The Blosser family always has a few pieces available for sale. Normally we are commissioned but sometimes we carve a piece on speculation.